Which Bonus is Better - Free Spins or Free Play?

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Although all online casino bonuses are not the same, to some players a bonus is just a bonus - you activate the code or press the opt-in button and start to play away. Other gamblers, however, are more discerning and prefer one type of bonus over another - some favouring free spins while others choosing free play. But which one is better, and which one should you choose for maximum results? Before answering this question, let's look at both types of bonus.

Free Spins Bonus

Offers of free spins are a common phenomenon on most gambling platforms today. For new players, once you sign up at the casino you are given any amount from 10 up to 200 slot spins as a reward for your custom. The slots you can play are generally limited to one or two titles selected by the casino with the coin value being fixed at 10 or 20 cents. You can also be rewarded with more spins after you make your first deposit and it is not uncommon for the spins to be placed in your account in batches over a period of days.

Regular casino members can also be treated to this type of bonus as part of a loyalty programme. Furthermore, some casinos give out a small number of free slot spins daily if you win on a free scratch card or hit the spins bonus on a promotional wheel of fortune. And if that wasn't enough, no deposit spins are also given to players to try out a new slot title which may have been recently added to the casino's portfolio.

Free Play

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A no deposit bonus involves the casino dropping a small amount of cash ($5 - $50) into your account that allows you to test a variety of games on the site. Another version of this is when you are given a huge wad of chips - any amount from $500 to $1500 - to explore the casino's games. It sounds great but there is a small catch in that you only have up to an hour or so to use the cash.

As soon as you click the start button your free play session begins and the time starts counting down, so you need to be very quick to get the best value from the reward. You are not restricted to playing just slots though, and can have a gamble at most of the other games such as table games, scratch cards and video poker - all the while getting a feel for how the casino runs.

So Which Bonus is Better?

The free spins offer is super if you're the sort of player who likes to carefully linger over every spin, anticipating that big win. As the casino often selects slots with a high RTP you most likely will get good value availing of this option. If, on the other hand, you enjoy partaking in a variety of games and love the buzz of fast play, then free play may suit your gambling needs. Whichever option you choose you are at least guaranteed some fun and entertainment with the added bonus of possibly winning some real cash.